I did the RPM Challenge this year, which is to write 10 songs or 35 minutes of material in the 28 days of February. I added an extra challenge for myself to write an album with no drums, with the intention of making a collection of relaxing, soothing, mellow, chill-out tunes. As a bass player, I have relied heavily on rhythm to write most of my music, so this was definitely outside my comfort zone. I started on February 2nd, and I finished on February 25th. I hit the 10 song mark just 9 seconds shy of 35 minutes 🙂

It was an awesome challenge – I found myself writing songs I never expected, and the best part was that it all happened so fast that I was unable to dwell on anything too long, so the batch of songs still sounds fresh, and every morning when I would listen to the creation from the night before, it sounded like someone else had written it. Well, truly, the best part is that I had a blast, and now I have a new album.


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