A Brush with Fame – Episode 1: Godsmack

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Storytime
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I suppose everyone has one. My first came in 1997 when I played my first gig. My band was The Dark, and we were no one, like most of the bands in Boston. We were happy to play anywhere, and play anywhere we did … at The Tank in Revere, MA. A complete dive, we heard that just months before, there had been a stabbing out front. It was a biker bar, and we were opening for a well known local band called Godsmack. While we brought in a fairly large crowd for an opening band, they of course packed the house.

Godsmack went on to become internationally known and famous, and The Dark piddled its way into obscurity. To this day, though, I can still amaze people by telling them my band opened for Godsmack. Sadly, I was able to meet the band and didn’t find them particularly friendly. I learned years later that they put up walls to protect themselves because it seemed that too many people were trying to take advantage of them and their newfound attention, soon to be fame. Too bad – I walked away thinking they’re assholes. A shame, I think.

  1. Chief says:

    I remember telling you how much better The Dark sounded than Godsmack. What did I know?! Now, there’s almost nothing I’d rather hear on my way home from work than some Godsmack!

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