Heaven & Hell – Joe Jackson (1997)

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Music
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Is She Really Going Out With Him?

That, and maybe Steppin’ Out, are where most people’s knowledge of Joe Jackson’s musical career ends. Same here, until a friend asked me in 1997 to go to a Joe Jackson concert, as he had just released a new album. I thought, sure, I like a couple songs, and it would be good to get out to a show, regardless of the performer.

Joe had just released Heaven & Hell, a “musical interpretation and song cycle representing the seven deadly sins.” Since he was touring to support the album, he played it in its entirety during the show. I was awe-struck at what the Steppin’ Out guy had created. Granted, I was 26 instead of 11, but this new disc was a masterpiece in my ears. I wish so much that I could have heard it a thousand times before the show so that I could have latched on to it that much more. The album became an instant staple in my collection, and 16 years later, I still enjoy the journey through the sins. It actually carries me back to 1997 a little when I do (sniff).

If you haven’t heard it, I recommend highly that you seek it out.



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