A Brush with Fame – Episode 2: Meeting Brad Delp

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Music, Storytime
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A lot of people may not have known Brad Delp by name, but if they ever heard More Than A Feeling by the band Boston, then they certainly knew his handiwork. I had the opportunity to work with Brad when he was playing with the Beatles tribute band called Beatlejuice during his downtime from working with Boston. My drummer friend Jeff (check this older post) had some nice local connections and ended up being the head roadie and tech for the band.

One day, they were playing at a far away venue, and he asked me to help him out. Helping out the band meant meeting the band members, of course, and we also got to eat dinner with the band before the show. Brad was such an unassuming fellow – very friendly and down to earth. If you’ve ever read anything about him, then you’ve heard these very words already. There was nothing about him that screamed “rock star” yet here in front of me was the same guy who sang so many songs I loved and listened to on vinyl, tape, and CD while I was growing up. While some stars are unreachable and untouchable, Brad was an ordinary average guy. He lived in Atkinson, NH, and my father bumped into him a number of times at ordinary places like the supermarket, Staples, or a computer show. Brad always said hello as if he lived next door.

Brad took his own life in 2007, for reasons that were never made public. His legacy lives on as strongly as ever, and I’m thankful that I got to meet a star who wasn’t light years away.


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