Not Music Related – Dan vs Cookies

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Non-Music, Storytime
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In 8th grade, I had the pleasure of taking the Home Economics class, which was essentially learning how to cook and bake. One of the things we learned to bake was cookies. They tasted pretty good in class, so I decided to surprise my parents one afternoon and make cookies before they got home. What a nice kid!

One thing we took home from the class was, of course, the recipe, and it turns out that we had at home all of the ingredients … except sugar. Now, I was an academically intelligent 13 year old, but in the kitchen, I lacked a certain common sense that would have stopped the average kid from proceeding. I decided to be creative and thought “Well, flour is white, too, and there’s already flour in the recipe, so I’ll just substitute flour for sugar, and we’ll go from there.”

Blink, blink.

Somehow, I couldn’t tell that the cookies baking in the oven didn’t fill the house with that special aroma that only baking cookies can provide. No big deal – I soldiered on, and when the cookies were “done,” I let them cool as they should and then tried one of the delicious bricks. I knew that they were terrible, but I don’t think I allowed myself to understand why. Perhaps pride (or stubbornness) stood in my way.

When my parents got home, I boldly believed that they were going to love the cookies I made. I was so happy to show them what I did. They each tried one, and god bless them, made the best approving faces and sounds they could. I think they took one bite, then looked at each other and nodded out a plan. I vaguely remember my mom saying something like “Wow, these are really good. In fact, they’re so good, we should freeze them and save them for later.”

And I fell for it. Even when I was halfway through high school, I seriously asked my parents if they were ever going to thaw the cookies and enjoy another. I guess the crystal clear message just never leapt over the wall I had erected in my brain. I think I figured it out sometime in college. Thank you, Mom & Dad, for not squashing my ego on the spot.

At least I didn’t substitute salt, because you know, that would have been gross.


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