Mobile DJ Tales – Episode 2: My Second Gig, My First Wedding

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Storytime
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Although my DJ career had officially taken off with my first gig, I was still nervous about actually playing music at functions, so when the opportunity came to do a wedding, I hesitated. First of all, even though I was getting into a career of public performance, I was still a shy 16 year old. And second, I had only one gig under my belt, and this was someone’s wedding – not something to be taken lightly. But my mother was mighty supportive and strongly suggested that I take the job, since it would only help me gain experience. So I booked it.

It was at the Franco-American Club in Lawrence, MA, on what I remember being one of the hottest days of the year, in August, and guess how much air conditioning this function hall had … yep, not only was it upstairs, but all we could do was open the windows, which let in a warm humid breeze. But the weather itself was not what made this wedding memorable.

As a DJ, I had my share of being present for the wedding ceremony itself as well as the reception, usually when the wedding took place in the same venue. That’s what happened on this occasion, and it was the ceremony that I’ll never forget – not so much the event itself, but the imagery. The bride was clearly pregnant, which spoke volumes about how much planning went into this match game, but the groom wore a headband during the ceremony. A headband – he looked like he had just come from a motorcycle tour with his buddies and smoked a huge bowl in the alley out back before walking in to speak his vows. He was also wearing white.

Appearances aside, the ceremony went off without a hitch (oxymoron, I know), and we moved on to the reception. I recall it being somewhat of a struggle to get people to dance – the weather may have affected the spirit of the occasion. But the doozy to end the day was that the bride and groom had an argument outside before the reception was even finished, and they left in separate cars.

I figure that the marriage might not have survived the weekend, but I did, however, get paid.

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