Epiphora Interview on the Jordan Rich Show

Posted: July 18, 2013 in My Music, Storytime
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In May of 2004, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jordan Rich of WBZ in Boston. I had submitted my first CD Get This to his show, and he agreed to do a late night interview. It was cool to be live on the air – first time for me. You can stream the interview with the link below, but essentially, Jordan stuck to the usual stuff … what Epiphora was, why I called myself that as a musical artist, how did I make my electronic music, etc, and he played a number of samples of songs from the CD, which I thought was cool.

I also tried to push my upcoming release The Watery Eye, but every time I mentioned it, he seemed more interested in the CD he had in his hands. In hindsight, I suppose that makes sense – people aren’t going to get excited about an artist’s second album while they’re learning about the first. Besides that, The Watery Eye was a year away, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Since the interview happened so late at night, I figured that no one I knew, except my dad, would be listening. When I went to work the following Monday, one of my co-workers said he was listening to the Jordan Rich show, as he normally did, and while he wasn’t paying super close attention, when my voice came on, he realized it immediately and said “Hey, I know that guy!” That right there made it worth the effort. I don’t know if I made any new fans because of the interview, but it was cool nevertheless.

Click here to listen.

BLUE EYE 4 WBZ LOGO (1) copy

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