Journey from a Demo to a Finished Product

Posted: July 25, 2013 in My Music, Storytime
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Have you ever wondered what the very first version of your favorite song sounded like? You know, the one that band member Joe brought to his bandmates one day at rehearsal and said “Guys, I came up with something – check it out.” Without a doubt, that song went through lots of revisions before it became the version you know and love. Now, I’m not saying you all know and love the songs from my band 49 Fingers, but I do happen to have the original demo and the finished product of a couple songs, so here’s your chance to experience the excitement!

The song Driving, from 2007’s Quo Vadimus, was originally called Pink Leaves. I wrote it with my bandmate John in my first band The Dark, back in 1995. The song structure stayed 100% intact, I believe, from demo to release, but you can clearly hear where the changes were made. Lyrics make all the difference, of course, but even instrumentally, the song in its final form is merely a distant cousin to the demo.

Driving – Demo Version
Driving – Final Version

Sea Monkeys, from the same album, originated from a very simple demo I wrote in 1996 called Fast Bass. I called it that because I thought I was playing the bass pretty fast. As I got better at playing through the years, I realized that it wasn’t all that fast, but the demo name had stuck. In 49 Fingers, the song morphed into a really catchy tune, but the bass line is almost the same as in the beginning. The demo is rough, and my timing was pretty bad in some spots (remember, it was really fast!), so grin and bear it, or just charge forward and hear the finished product, complete with a sound bite intro from Superman Returns.

Sea Monkeys – Demo Version
Sea Monkeys – Final Version

  1. Priya says:

    Liked ‘Driving’ both versions. +1 for Sea Monkeys -Final version. It rocks !!

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