The First Epiphora Song

Posted: August 9, 2013 in My Music, Storytime
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In 1997, my band The Dark was searching for a drummer, so to fill the time while that search was happening, I decided to buy a nicer drum machine than the one we had, hoping we could write some better songs. I ended up with the Boss DR-5. Beyond its drum capabilities, it also had a variety of other instrument sounds in it, plus 4-track capabilities … a self-contained mini studio, if you will. I experimented with it deep into one December night, to the smell of a blueberry candle, and came up with this song.

To anyone who has heard my first CD, this song eventually became two tracks on there. But this was the very first thing I ever wrote entirely by myself. It went through numerous names until I settled on 55+. Even Epiphora was named Free Speed early on. I opted to change the name of my “artist” and use Free Speed as a song name. I still like Epiphora better.




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