Not Music Related – Dan vs the Paper Cup

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Non-Music, Storytime
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I remember the very first time I used a paper cup. We had a Dixie Cup dispenser in the house we lived in when I was a small child. One day I wanted a drink, so … next logical step was to get a cup and fill it with water from the sink. I was just old enough to not have to ask my mother to do it, so I was probably about 4.

Anyone who has ever used a paper cup knows that there is a seam on the cup. I’ll never forget holding that first paper cup after I had filled it with water. I saw the seam and figured it must be there for a reason. Still 14 years away from pursuing my mechanical engineering degree, I declared a more artistic reason for its existence – the seam must be where they expected you to put your fingers (i.e. the back of the cup) so you can drink from the opposite side (i.e. the front) and not have the seam interfere with your drinking pleasure. There was no one around to tell me I was wrong, so I must have been right.

I have spent the last 38 years going out of my way to put the seam in the back, because I still feel like that’s where it should go. When I see someone drink out of a paper cup any other way, I think how sad that person must be, living life without knowing the right way to use a paper cup. But I never butt in, because maybe … just maybe, they thought about it the first time they used a paper cup, and they decided a different way was right. And as with anything else that has zero bearing on others, what works for you is what’s right.

Interesting footnote: In my Google image search for a paper cup (search term = “paper cup seam”), I found lots of pictures of women in lingerie. Probably why it took me so long to finish this entry. Bottoms up!



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