Sea Monkeys *Can* Turn You On

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Local Music, My Music, Storytime
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If this won’t get you to see 49 Fingers play live, nothing will …

I posted earlier about the journey from demo to finished product for the 49 Fingers song called Sea Monkeys. You can hear the official recorded version on the CD Quo Vadimus, but did you know that there is something special in store if you hear us play the song live in a venue with a rockin’ sound system?

We played a gig at Platinum in Corvallis, Oregon, and the turnout was pretty sweet. Not a packed house but certainly a very appreciative group. In the song Sea Monkeys, I hit a B in the chorus (check it out at 1:23 right after Melody sings “Who governs all they do?”). Now, I play a 5-string bass, which means that if I want to emphasize a B, I can play my low B string wide open, and you won’t miss it. It’s a bit lost in the recording, but it seems that the sound system at Platinum is a willing dance partner with my low B string.

After the show, while mingling outside the club, a co-worker’s wife came up to me and said “I need to talk to you about one of your songs. There’s a note you hit in the chorus that’s really deep. It has so much bass that it makes my nipples tingle. What. Song. Is. That??” Perhaps needless to say, a big smile accompanied her question, and from that moment on, you can imagine how much more forcefully I hit that low B every time we played Sea Monkeys.

Always aiming to please, that Dan …



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