A selection of pictures along my musical journey that I think came out the best for one reason or another. Yeah, they’re pictures of me, but before you go calling me a narcissist, remember that I posted band photos first πŸ˜›

This is what I consider my iconic photo. I call it Head Banging Dan. My friend Rich captured this one at a Language of the Mad gig at Fuel in Lowell, MA. His timing was perfect – any sooner or later, and all the elements that make the photo so cool wouldn’t come together. I’m screaming, I’m jamming, I’m moving up the fretboard, and my bass looks like it’s on fire, or at the very least about to launch into orbit. This is without a doubt the best action shot ever taken of me.


Now this one is probably the best non-action shot ever taken of me. Vibrant color, a beautiful lightning bolt in the background, and me staring down my bass like I’m coming for you. This one is less subtle than the primo action shot, and it has received a lot of praise over the last five years. Very eye-catching. Thanks, Charlie.


This was just me being me. I’m generally a happy fella when I have my bass guitar in my hands. This was right before Local Radio started playing that night. I think the venue was the Kirkland Cafe in Somerville, MA.


Hey, look, hair! In The Dark, I grew my hair long. I guess I felt that was part of the look. Too bad it looked terrible, but I can’t undo the past – there you have it. Me at rehearsal, playing an impossible chord, but it’s an actual song I wrote called Drive. Maybe you’ll hear it someday. I like how Lars from Metallica is peeking around my forearm.


Ahh, the first gig for 49 Fingers. Not sure why all the pictures were sepia tone, but I still like this one. It’s my usual focused look. This was probably before Paul came over and asked me if we were playing in the same key.

49F-20050812 043

I almost look like I’m really grooving in this shot. I think it’s all in the mouth shape, or that I look like I just lunged forward – hard to know what was going on just before or after the picture was taken. It’s from an Invisible Beatniks show at (gee, I wonder where), and I always enjoyed those gigs. One of the most creative bands I’ve been in, and shows were low pressure.


49 Fingers was an Oregon-based small town band, and for some reason, someone thought I needed to wear a cowboy hat during one of our songs. Didn’t bother me – made for an unusual shot that otherwise would have just been me on stage, holding my bass guitar, and I have plenty of those.


Kevin and Mel’s daughter Axel is an artist, and one day she made a pencil drawing of everyone in 49 Fingers. This was mine. I was so thin!


I worked for Strands in Corvallis, Oregon, and when the company celebrated its second birthday, they held a party, and 49 Fingers played. This was me after breaking my right pinky not too long beforehand, playing softball very poorly. I think you can still see some semblance of medical tape and maybe a splint. I have held a computer mouse incorrectly since then.


More hair! But even better is that I’m playing guitar in this one. The Dark had two songs that John wrote on bass and I wrote on guitar, and here’s an action shot of me on the other side of the stage.


This one is an OK shot of me from the LOTM days, but I like how brightly the bass strings show up. This was a Fuel gig, and I’m sure we were rocking the house. Steve is tenderly leaning his Lilliputian head on my elbow.


I swear this one makes me look like a famous musician caught in a light moment during a break from the “seriously heavy” work of playing music. It was buried in a pile o’ pics from the LOTM photo shoot in 2000, and I don’t think I looked twice at it before today. Photographically, there’s much wrong with it, but realistically, it captures a lot of what is me, and I call that a win.


  1. lyzzard91 says:

    All are great photos and a nice look at Dan through the years! But there is one shot you should’ve put in…the one I took of you at the Fingers reunion rehearsal! It’s one of my all time favorites!

  2. Epiphora says:

    Oh yeah! Didn’t have that one handy because I only looked through band folders. Maybe I’ll edit this someday and bump it to 13,000.

  3. Priya says:

    Almost Famous ! πŸ™‚

  4. Epiphora says:


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