Help Me … Categorize My Music!

Posted: September 11, 2013 in My Music
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I have been labeling my music as electronic from the beginning, mostly because I usually use some form of electronic instruments in it. But when I go off into the world and seek out electronic music by label, I am presented with a variety of stuff that seems synthetic, repetitive, unnatural, and largely unappealing to me, and (not oddly) I don’t feel that way about most of what I write. Because of that, I hesitate to label my music as electronic because I don’t want potential fans who might share my experience with the electronic category, and I also don’t want to falsely advertise my music to the crowd seeking the very sound I’m not creating.

So I’m asking for your help. I realize that my music is a little bit all over the map, if you will, but there has to be a core sound, some defining category that makes sense. I invite you to visit and listen, even partially, to one random song from each album and let me know what category you think my music belongs in.

Note: “Poop” is not a category.



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