File Under Stupid – Roxette vs Wilson Phillips

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Music, Storytime
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In the 80s, I was a top 40 fanatic. Not just a listener, mind you, but a fanatic. Not only would I read Billboard’s Hot 100 religiously every week, but I would actually sit down and *type out* the top 40, song by song, and memorize each song’s statistics (chart position this week, chart position last week, number of weeks on chart, etc). Yes, I know … nerd alert. Like, neon sign nerd alert. But hey, at least I had a passion!

So, along comes 1990, and I was in my freshman year of college, still passionate about the top 40 (luckily, this flame was snuffed a mere year later – thanks to Tracie Spencer and the abominable This House). In addition to the weekly Hot 100, I was particularly interested in the year-end Top 40, especially the #1 song of the year. Ooh, I trembled in anticipation of that nugget of knowledge and tried to figure it out on my own, based on which songs were #1 and for how long throughout the year.

In 1990, I was positive that It Must Have Been Love by Roxette was going to be the top song of the year. Damn, I loved that song. But it only ranked #2 at the end of the year. What was the #1 song of 1990? Hold On by Wilson Phillips. Oh, come ON!! That bugged me to no end. Hold On was an OK song, but I didn’t think it held a candle to Roxette’s masterpiece. But like always, my opinion had little to do with that of the masses, and I had to suffer … yes, suffer … with Roxette’s silver medal.

This post brought to you by OMG, Get a Life.


  1. Lisandro Pin says:

    That’s funny. I bet Wilson Phillips are hardly remembered today – they’re certainly unknown outside the US, i can tell you. Roxette, on the other hand, is *the* pop band of the 90s. Hands down.

    They recently played on my town and the concert was a blast. Marie is not the same after her battle with cancer but damn can she sing, and Gessle looked like he did one too many drugs back in the day, yet still a damn fine rhythmic guitar player.

  2. Epiphora says:

    I remember Gessle looking like hell on the picture sleeve for the 4th song form their first album, so I think he was dipping into the funny stuff very early on. Didn’t know Marie had cancer 😦

  3. Lisandro Pin says:

    Yeah. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early 2000 and disappeared for a while – got to recover fully from what i hear, but it is obvious that the disease took a toll on her.

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