Hummingbird Bridge

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Music, Storytime
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There is a song by Seals & Crofts called Hummingbird. It’s a 70s tune, and I have strong memories of hearing it as a kid. And then there was a big span of time when I didn’t hear it. In 2008, I bought the song and was able to revisit it. The bridge … oh the bridge.

At 2:01, the bridge starts. Somehow my child mind took this bridge and made it the anthem of peace in my mind. When I hear it, I am settled. It may not mean a lot to others, but that chord progression, the melody, and the lyrics – they all blend to make the Hummingbird bridge one of the most powerful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. I almost named a series of Epiphora EPs after it. Maybe that’s being a bit dramatic, but the song is that powerful to me.

Maybe you have a song that does the same for you?

Anna's Hummingbird


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