Nothing You Can Do About Happy

Posted: October 27, 2013 in My Music, Storytime
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As my last band 49 Fingers was building up toward recording its first album, we had a smattering of songs that we did record but chose not to include for one reason or another. One of those is a song called Nothing You Can Do About Happy, or just Happy, for short. It was actually recorded in a couple hours on a whim as an attempt to place one of our songs in a movie. It didn’t make it, but I always think it would be a pleasant song to hear as ending credits roll.

I had written the bones of the song in 1996, and Bill made the intro sound a lot like What’s Up? by Four Non-Blondes. The song clearly goes in another direction, with some nice harmonies. A proud little moment for me to see an early song come to fruition, and I dig it out every once in a while to enjoy again. Give it a spin!

Happy by 49 Fingers



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