Thanks To Gravity

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Local Music, Music
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In my sophomore year of college, I took a philosophy class, probably to fulfill a gen-ed requirement. The class was full of all kinds of characters, but one guy in particular always chimed in – you know, the kind of guy you love to hate. His name was Graham Smith, and for the longest time, I just loved to hate him … until one day he showed up to class with a small box that said on the side “Thanks to Gravity – CDs $7.” Truly, what went through my head was that he was selling CDs of various national bands, and thanks to gravity, their price had come down to $7 instead of the sky high $15 that they cost at the mall. I really thought that. Turns out that he was in a campus band by that name. I gambled and parted with a five and two ones to see what his gig was all about. I didn’t know I was in for a ride.

You should know that, according to their bio, TTG was “the first rock band on the Seacoast scene to self-release an album in compact disc format back in 1991.” It *was* impressive at the time, when our music collections were mostly cassettes, to have a local band release a CD. On my first listen, I thought it was OK. Catchy, clearly indie, acoustic up-tempo alternative stuff. But my musical tastes were also changing around the same time, and TTG paved the way for a permanent departure from listening to Top 40 music for me. They also introduced me to the idea of going to see local bands play live.

They also had stamina. They released a second CD, and then a third. Eventually, they signed with Capitol and released an album on that label, but things took a sour turn, and they backed out of the deal. They reprinted their first CD, but I still have my original copy, signed by all original members of the band, including their guest violinist on the CD. And it all started with that seven dollar purchase in philosophy class.

It looks like they’re still busy … Thanks to Gravity



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