Always Look In The Bag

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Non-Music, Storytime
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When I was a kid, my family kept the potato chips in the lower cupboard. Back in the days before chip clips were widely available, and we didn’t bother to do anything fancy to seal the bag between servings, we just kinda lazily rolled up the top of the bag and called it good. One time I was having a conversation with my brother in the kitchen, and I happened to be eating from an already open bag of chips. Being rather naive, young, and foolish, I never looked in the bag – I just grabbed what felt like chips and put them in my mouth, munching happily.

When I was done snacking, I decided to roll up the bag as usual, and while doing so caught a glimpse of the inside of the bag. I quickly dropped the bag and ran away from it. My brother wondered what the heck was going on, and I could barely get the words out: “There’s a dead mouse in that bag of chips.” He totally didn’t believe me (though I don’t know why he would expect me to just launch into skeezed-out mode for no reason). I told him to look in the bag. Inside, there was indeed a dead mouse. Even better is that there was also *another* dead, and slightly squished, mouse in the bag. Even better than that were the scattered mouse droppings that were likely all over the chips I had been eating without looking.

Amazingly, I didn’t lose my chips, if you will. I probably didn’t even wash my hands (I was a kid!). I didn’t get sick, and I don’t recall ever seeing another mouse in the house. What *did* happen, though, was that I learned a lifelong lesson to always, always, always look in the bag.


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