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I’m almost finished with Heavier Side, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the tunes – I’m really excited about how 3rd Person came out – I can listen to it on repeat and just groove all day. This is a pre-mastered copy, so it’s not downloadable yet, but you can play it all you like in the nifty player below, or just click here.

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It’s no secret that I was a stick in the mud when I was younger. Too serious and too worried about what could go wrong, never really spending much time contemplating what could go right … and how much fun you can have simply by getting into trouble. When I got to high school, we had a “freshmen field day” to help us 13-year-olds bond as strangers in a strange land. The thing is, we had no school campus as one might expect of a reputable high school. Just a parking lot. OK, no problem, let’s have all the kids run sprints in between the parked cars.