Someone’s Gonna Fall

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Non-Music
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It’s no secret that I was a stick in the mud when I was younger. Too serious and too worried about what could go wrong, never really spending much time contemplating what could go right … and how much fun you can have simply by getting into trouble. When I got to high school, we had a “freshmen field day” to help us 13-year-olds bond as strangers in a strange land. The thing is, we had no school campus as one might expect of a reputable high school. Just a parking lot. OK, no problem, let’s have all the kids run sprints in between the parked cars.

We went in alphabetical order, so I had plenty of time to panic as I watched heats of ten kids each run as fast as they could in a space between rows of cars hardly big enough to contain ten kids walking abreast. Over and over I kept saying “This is not a good idea – someone’s gonna fall.” We’re talking asphalt plus kids in shorts & T-shirts here. A fall would be a fairly bloody mess. I must have said it five or six times before my heat was ready, and miraculously, no one had fallen … yet.

Off we went, and since I was traditionally a strong runner, I did my best to win the race. Not ten steps in did the legs entangle and two or three of us fell to the ground, tumbling and sliding along the pavement, erasing any semblance of a wound-free first year of high school. I took the brunt of it (in deservedly karmic fashion). I was sent home early – not sure what happened to the other guys that fell. Wasn’t a great start to the weekend or high school in general, BUT … I did get this story out of it 🙂

I do recall hearing that later on some other students got hit by a car that was driving through the parking lot. I guess I did OK, all things considered.



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