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I’m almost finished with Heavier Side, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the tunes – I’m really excited about how 3rd Person came out – I can listen to it on repeat and just groove all day. This is a pre-mastered copy, so it’s not downloadable yet, but you can play it all you like in the nifty player below, or just click here.

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As my last band 49 Fingers was building up toward recording its first album, we had a smattering of songs that we did record but chose not to include for one reason or another. One of those is a song called Nothing You Can Do About Happy, or just Happy, for short. It was actually recorded in a couple hours on a whim as an attempt to place one of our songs in a movie. It didn’t make it, but I always think it would be a pleasant song to hear as ending credits roll.


Just today, a coworker asked me when my next album was coming out. He was happy to hear that I am currently working on it, and *I* am happy to say that one song is 95% complete. The “album” is an EP, actually, the sibling to Lighter Side of The Dark, which I released earlier this year. This one, probably obviously, will have faster, heavier, more thumping tunes. After Sansbeat, I was dying to write a song with drums in it, so you can be sure that there will be no shortage of rhythm on this EP.


New Epiphora Album

Posted: September 30, 2013 in My Music
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I know, you’re like “What?” Relax, this isn’t a collection of brand new tunes. It starts with a simple concept. While recording the songs for Sansbeat, you can imagine how much I was dying to write a song with drums. I felt that some of the Sansbeat songs could have a whole new personality if they had drums. So I took my two favorite tunes (Awareness and Division) and gave them drums. These are the first two songs on my new album called Helvetica, a collection of unreleased extras. It will be an evolving collection of songs that don’t really fit with any particular project I’m working on.


I have been labeling my music as electronic from the beginning, mostly because I usually use some form of electronic instruments in it. But when I go off into the world and seek out electronic music by label, I am presented with a variety of stuff that seems synthetic, repetitive, unnatural, and largely unappealing to me, and (not oddly) I don’t feel that way about most of what I write. Because of that, I hesitate to label my music as electronic because I don’t want potential fans who might share my experience with the electronic category, and I also don’t want to falsely advertise my music to the crowd seeking the very sound I’m not creating.


A selection of pictures along my musical journey that I think came out the best for one reason or another. Yeah, they’re pictures of me, but before you go calling me a narcissist, remember that I posted band photos first 😛

It sounds so simple – get the band together, look cohesive, find an interesting location, and get a photographer to take some pictures. But somehow a band photo shoot is never so easy. Just about every band I was in attemped a photo shoot at some point, either to promote the band itself or a CD release. Sometimes it just went well … sometimes, well, it just went.