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Help yourself to a few minutes of entertainment and try to figure out these 25 songs based only on their drum intros. This time I put the answers here in the blog. Scroll down to see them, but give it a try first. Let me know how you did!

The video: Drumtros – Part II



Just today, a coworker asked me when my next album was coming out. He was happy to hear that I am currently working on it, and *I* am happy to say that one song is 95% complete. The “album” is an EP, actually, the sibling to Lighter Side of The Dark, which I released earlier this year. This one, probably obviously, will have faster, heavier, more thumping tunes. After Sansbeat, I was dying to write a song with drums in it, so you can be sure that there will be no shortage of rhythm on this EP.


When I was playing with The Dark, we had an epileptic drummer named Dan. When we were auditioning drummers, his phone call was one to remember – in fact, I don’t recall any other. He spoke very slowly, as if he were thinking carefully about every word, and even as I booked his audition, I envisioned him moving slowly as well and wondered how he could possibly play the drums, which are quite a physically demanding instrument. Dan seemed to have a condition in addition to epilepsy which caused him to basically move at 3/4 speed compared to the rest of the world.


There’s a certain drum pattern that I hear in some songs that I call Muchacha Drums. It’s a kick-snare-kick combination, and when it’s done at the right speed, I like to say “muchacha” over it. A great example is at 2:40 in Waiting For The End by Linkin Park. It goes mu-CHA-cha, mu-CHA-cha.

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