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Looking for a win/win? Support Alzheimer’s research & awareness for only $0.99! Here’s how:

I am excited to announce the release of my latest single, called New England Winter. It’s a 10-minute epic in three parts that journeys through a typical northeastern winter. Ten minutes may seem long for a song, but I promise they are worthwhile, and you just might reach for the Play button again. Check out the hypnotic YouTube video at, but read on for the win/win.

Since social networks have been awash with ALS and depression awareness lately, I want to help out in my own unique way for a cause that has affected my family, but I need your help as well. I will donate all proceeds from every sale of my song in the next 30 days to Alzheimer’s research. For the small price of only 99 cents and spreading the word (that second part is critical), you can help me make a difference. You also get a very cool song, and no ice bucket required.

I will post sales reports (plus nagging reminders) every week, and you can buy the song from the following popular places. My goal is $250, but whether I make $5 or $5000, whatever I make in the first 30 days goes to charity.

Google Play Music:

Bonus #1 – If you spread the word on any social network or email (be sure to include me), I will send you a signed copy of the CD single. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Bonus #2 – If you purchase the song via Bandcamp and pay more than 99 cents (they allow this), I will match your donation. Buy the song for $5, and the donation becomes $10.

Bonus #3 – If you write a review of my song on iTunes or Google Play Music, I will donate an extra dollar to the cause.

Are you in?

** iTunes has a policy that any song over ten minutes long must charge more, and they have set the price to $1.99.  If that’s a deal breaker for you, consider Google Play, Amazon, or Bandcamp, where it is only $0.99. If you do buy it from iTunes, you get a great song, and Alzheimer’s research gets $4.


I’m almost finished with Heavier Side, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the tunes – I’m really excited about how 3rd Person came out – I can listen to it on repeat and just groove all day. This is a pre-mastered copy, so it’s not downloadable yet, but you can play it all you like in the nifty player below, or just click here.

If you take the time to enjoy this song, please do me a favor … share it!

Facebook, G+, Twitter, Reddit, wherever you like. Just a click or two, and I would love to meet some new fans.

It’s no secret that I was a stick in the mud when I was younger. Too serious and too worried about what could go wrong, never really spending much time contemplating what could go right … and how much fun you can have simply by getting into trouble. When I got to high school, we had a “freshmen field day” to help us 13-year-olds bond as strangers in a strange land. The thing is, we had no school campus as one might expect of a reputable high school. Just a parking lot. OK, no problem, let’s have all the kids run sprints in between the parked cars.


To counter the Ewww and Gross reactions from my last post, I want to tell you the story of two young guys’ ambition to decorate their dorm room with something special. Al and Dan became best friends in their freshman year of college at the University of New Hampshire. It was an early (and somewhat uneducated) decision that they would be roommates during their sophomore year. During the summer between the two years, Dan visited Al’s home town of Littleton, ME, just north of the larger city of Houlton, known for being the last stop on Interstate 95 before Canada, as well as producing the Houlton Pioneer Times newspaper.


When I was a kid, my family kept the potato chips in the lower cupboard. Back in the days before chip clips were widely available, and we didn’t bother to do anything fancy to seal the bag between servings, we just kinda lazily rolled up the top of the bag and called it good. One time I was having a conversation with my brother in the kitchen, and I happened to be eating from an already open bag of chips. Being rather naive, young, and foolish, I never looked in the bag – I just grabbed what felt like chips and put them in my mouth, munching happily.


Ahh, the things we’ll try in college. I went one step further and opted for grad school because the economy wasn’t looking too sharp in 1993 – wanted to give it a couple extra years to rebound. Since I had a degree in mechanical engineering, I thought it would be a super smart idea to get *another* degree in mechanical engineering! Along with my doubly-degreed friend Shawn, we went back to UNH for two more years.


When I was about 10, my brother Kevin and I made regular trips to the YWCA in North Lawrence to use the pool. Yes, that’s the YWCA. You see, we had a family friend who worked for the YWCA, and we had easy access to their pool. I’m sure we could have had easy access to the YMCA pool, but for some reason, parental concerns led us to the YWCA. Considering the bathing suit factor, I don’t see how this could have gone wrong, but let me tell my story …