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Looking for a win/win? Support Alzheimer’s research & awareness for only $0.99! Here’s how:

I am excited to announce the release of my latest single, called New England Winter. It’s a 10-minute epic in three parts that journeys through a typical northeastern winter. Ten minutes may seem long for a song, but I promise they are worthwhile, and you just might reach for the Play button again. Check out the hypnotic YouTube video at, but read on for the win/win.

Since social networks have been awash with ALS and depression awareness lately, I want to help out in my own unique way for a cause that has affected my family, but I need your help as well. I will donate all proceeds from every sale of my song in the next 30 days to Alzheimer’s research. For the small price of only 99 cents and spreading the word (that second part is critical), you can help me make a difference. You also get a very cool song, and no ice bucket required.

I will post sales reports (plus nagging reminders) every week, and you can buy the song from the following popular places. My goal is $250, but whether I make $5 or $5000, whatever I make in the first 30 days goes to charity.

Google Play Music:

Bonus #1 – If you spread the word on any social network or email (be sure to include me), I will send you a signed copy of the CD single. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Bonus #2 – If you purchase the song via Bandcamp and pay more than 99 cents (they allow this), I will match your donation. Buy the song for $5, and the donation becomes $10.

Bonus #3 – If you write a review of my song on iTunes or Google Play Music, I will donate an extra dollar to the cause.

Are you in?

** iTunes has a policy that any song over ten minutes long must charge more, and they have set the price to $1.99.  If that’s a deal breaker for you, consider Google Play, Amazon, or Bandcamp, where it is only $0.99. If you do buy it from iTunes, you get a great song, and Alzheimer’s research gets $4.


New Epiphora Album

Posted: September 30, 2013 in My Music
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I know, you’re like “What?” Relax, this isn’t a collection of brand new tunes. It starts with a simple concept. While recording the songs for Sansbeat, you can imagine how much I was dying to write a song with drums. I felt that some of the Sansbeat songs could have a whole new personality if they had drums. So I took my two favorite tunes (Awareness and Division) and gave them drums. These are the first two songs on my new album called Helvetica, a collection of unreleased extras. It will be an evolving collection of songs that don’t really fit with any particular project I’m working on.


In 1997, my band The Dark was searching for a drummer, so to fill the time while that search was happening, I decided to buy a nicer drum machine than the one we had, hoping we could write some better songs. I ended up with the Boss DR-5. Beyond its drum capabilities, it also had a variety of other instrument sounds in it, plus 4-track capabilities … a self-contained mini studio, if you will. I experimented with it deep into one December night, to the smell of a blueberry candle, and came up with this song.


I worked for two years at a company in San Francisco called Slide before we were bought by Google in 2010. In my time there, I climbed the QA ladder all the way to manager, and as manager, I was in charge of hiring new people. One of the people that came through our door was Daniel Wolfe. Even he wasn’t sure why his resume ended up on my desk, but job opportunities aside, his musical resume captured me more than anything else.


Have you ever wondered what the very first version of your favorite song sounded like? You know, the one that band member Joe brought to his bandmates one day at rehearsal and said “Guys, I came up with something – check it out.” Without a doubt, that song went through lots of revisions before it became the version you know and love. Now, I’m not saying you all know and love the songs from my band 49 Fingers, but I do happen to have the original demo and the finished product of a couple songs, so here’s your chance to experience the excitement!


In May of 2004, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jordan Rich of WBZ in Boston. I had submitted my first CD Get This to his show, and he agreed to do a late night interview. It was cool to be live on the air – first time for me. You can stream the interview with the link below, but essentially, Jordan stuck to the usual stuff … what Epiphora was, why I called myself that as a musical artist, how did I make my electronic music, etc, and he played a number of samples of songs from the CD, which I thought was cool.


It’s been a while since I made a video, and since I’ve been enjoying the song Awareness the most from Sansbeat, I thought I’d give it the treatment. I put it against a fractal backdrop video created by Jérémie Brunet using Mandelbulb 3D. Enjoy and share!

Click here to watch the video in YouTube.